Hotel-like hospitalization

The patients in our inpatient departments feel almost like in a hotel room; our rooms are equipped well above average, most of them with a pleasant view of Plzeň's surroundings from a window or a balcony.

New modern and comfortable beds

Our rooms have been recently furnished with new, modern beds. ELEGANCE SMART beds by LINET are available to the patients in our departments; they feature a unique safety concept of sideboards to prevent the patients from falling during sleep or handling. The patients are fully protected against fall or any other accident (wedging, pinching of the limbs, etc.), while the attending staff has an easy access to them. The beds are electrically adjustable, easy to operate by patients and easier to stand up from. The Department for the Chronically Ill offers new NOVOS beds by LINET, which are easy to control and adjustable by means of a manual controller and provide better comfort - the bed surface consists of four segments and their height adjustment is highly variable.

Department for the Chronically Ill with DIOP and DIP units

The Department for the Chronically Ill has been operating as part of our Hospital since 1982. It is one of the biggest facilities of its type in the Czech Republic, occupying a separate building and offering a total of 200 beds. It provides comprehensive nursing and medical care to adult patients regardless of age. The proximity of our hospital is a huge advantage, resulting in great accessibility of medical services and cooperation with physicians from all hospital departments. The Department also includes the DIOP unit (Long-term Intensive Nursing Care), with a capacity of 10 beds, serving patients in a serious condition with consciousness disorders, as well as the DIP unit (Long-term Intensive Care) for monitored unconscious patients and those with disorders of vital functions.

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