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The Plzeň City Hospital was taken over by Privamed 18 years ago. Since then it has undergone numerous refurbishment and modernization projects to serve its patients with the highest possible comfort of examination, operations and hospitalization. Today, our patients encounter not only a modern, pleasant environment, but particularly first-rate, professional care delivered by highly qualified physicians using the latest technology. Welcome to Privamed Hospital!

We're set in a natural environment

We are situated in a natural area of the picturesque Lochotín, Plzeň, which features a large park and a forest with a mineral spring and rare trees, protected as a nature reserve. The hospital as such consists of two six-storey monoblocks connected by an overhead corridor, opened for operation between 1983 and 1985, and a new separate building opened for the public three years ago. The City Hospital was relocated to Lochotín from its original address at Sady 5. května, where it was established in 1952 as an internal medicine hospital for the catchment area of the city of Plzeň. After less than twenty years of operation, however, it had to be closed immediately due to its decrepit condition. A department for the chronically ill became part of the Hospital in mid-1980s and since 2009 has been complemented with Long-term Intensive Nursing Care (DIOP). In 2011, a pharmacy became another part of our Hospital.

Hospital care is covered by health insurance

Since November 1995 the Hospital has been operating as a private medical facility with valid contracts with all health insurance companies. Although our catchment area includes mainly residents from a large part of Plzeň, the Stříbro region and the vicinity of Konstantinovy Lázně, we are happy to welcome anyone seeking our assistance. In contrast to large hospitals, we can offer you a stronger family feel.
We have modern rooms prepared for you, as well as advanced medical equipment. "I'm excited about what our hospital looks like today. Our rooms are well above average, similar to hotel rooms, and our patients can often go home on the second day after their operation even in case of rather complicated procedures," says Professor Václav Čepelák, the Hospital's Medical Director.

Fast and comfortable care in Day Surgery and Orthopaedics

The beginning of 2010 saw completion of our new department of Day Surgery and Orthopaedics and the new building was opened for the public in May. Our Hospital thus acquired a new facility with the best equipment, focusing on same-day surgery with short (up to 3 days) or very short (24 hours) hospitalization. But that's not all, there have other other departments undergoing technical modernization: in particular laboratories and Radiology, whose portfolio of services has been enlarged to include interventional radiology. Since last November, this department has been the first in the Czech Republic to offer a 64-line CT scanner, one of the best in its class.

Our Services

. Day Surgery and Orthopaedics (outpatient surgery and orthopaedics, anaesthesia)

. Neurology (including a laboratory)

. Internal Medicine (ICU, general internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, osteology, haematology, diabetology, obesitology, rheumatology, allergology, preventive medicine centre, general practitioner)

. Angiography and Interventional Radiology

. Radiology

. Rehabilitation

. Department for the Chronically Ill and DIOP

. Clinical Medicine

. Clinical Microbiology

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